7 Questions to Ask your IT Staff Today

7 Questions to Ask your IT Staff Today

Meeting your business objectives requires leveraging your technology effectively. If your IT needs are serviced internally, you may have the advantage of immediate access to technicians, people familiar with the intricacies of your organization and overall lower expenses. However, research shows that companies with internal IT teams that try to juggle everything find themselves with higher costs, both from a time and dollar perspective.

What happens when your sole IT person calls in sick or takes vacation? How much are you spending on training and benefits? How often are you updating your IT environment?

An internal team has an obvious familiarity with your daily IT needs, but the changing risks and evolving solutions of technology is practically impossible for one or even a small handful of people to keep up with.

You invest in technology and you expect a return on your investment. Here are 7 questions to ask to see if you’re getting the best ROI from your internal IT staff:

1. Is my staff able to execute on their tasks quickly?
Day-to-day questions and issues take priority, but how are other tasks and projects handled? Efficient operational tools are available to ensure work flow is streamlined and expectations are met.

2. Is my staff able to reduce redundant issues?
If the same problems keep coming up again and again, this is a big drain on resources. Whoever handles the IT function should have expertise and experience in areas beyond just putting a quick fix on what is broken.

3. Is there less downtime from technology compared to last year?
Measuring and comparing overall downtime is great indication of how efficiently the IT function is running.

4. Are they recommending new products?
New technology is introduced daily, and it’s more important than ever to identify and review the latest updates and newest offerings to help your organization operate efficiently.

5. How are they addressing new security threats?
The Dark Web. Ransomware. No matter where you turn, new and more sophisticated threats are prevalent. You can’t afford to not be proactive on protecting your security and preventing attacks.

6. Is technology scalable for growth?
Your goal is to keep growing. Your internal resource may be qualified today, but do they have enough expertise to help drive your growth goals.

7. Are your employees happy and productive?
There’s nothing that can disrupt productivity like frustrated employees. If repeat issues and continued downtime exist, chances are your staff will take notice.

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, you could benefit from an outside expert. The team at ICS can help supplement your internal IT and immediately turn those issues around. To leverage your technology effectively, you need an experienced group that has both the depth of knowledge and the available services to take your IT to the next level. Click here or give us a call at 607.757.9551.