The High Price of IT Downtime – 4 Warning Signs You’re Vulnerable

The High Price of IT Downtime – 4 Warning Signs You’re Vulnerable

According to Information Technology Intelligence Consulting Research, 98% of organizations say a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000. That staggering number continues to rise. Having a reliable IT infrastructure can minimize this costly downtime, but these days that isn’t enough.  Sophisticated ransomware attacks, hardware failures and inconsistent site maintenance are key drivers of extended downtime.  We’ve all heard the age old advise of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  It’s particularly relevant for your IT environment and overall business productivity.

An experienced IT provider like ICS can help you plan for unexpected disasters through automatic monitoring and strict secure perimeters. In the meantime, the following 4 best practices can help make your business less vulnerable to the many threats that exist:

1. Maintain a solid disaster recovery plan
In the event of an actual emergency or catastrophic IT situation, you need a plan to get systems up and running as soon as possible.  Some organizations think it’s enough to have a simple process for backing up data.  But how will the data be restored?  Your business continuity plan must address the complete end-to-end recovery process. Reviewing, maintaining and testing the plan regularly is also necessary to ensure that changes in your business are covered.

2. Educate your users
Human error can account for a large percentage of IT downtime. Proactive communication and clear access policies help minimize avoidable errors. Does your organization permit BYOD? If so, ensure that standardized policies are understood and agreed upon. Are there documented rules for restricted Websites and phishing emails? Regular communication sets the stage for the importance of following strict security protocols.

3. Stay on top of updates
Some organizations are running software that is two or three versions behind.  Not only is this inefficient, but it’s dangerous.  Updating your software provides better overall functionality and speed. More importantly, the updates include enhanced security features and patches against known security threats.  It may be tempting to delay an update, but doing so leaves your software vulnerable.

4. Upgrade equipment
Outdated equipment is one of the leading causes of hardware failure. While it may seem like an unnecessary investment, replacing an end of life server early is cheaper and more efficient than waiting until it fails to replace it. Things may be working fine and you think you have all your bases covered.  However, one malfunction can cause your entire network to go down.

When your systems aren’t running, your business is at a stand still. How much downtime can you afford? If your server goes down, the team at ICS is committed to having you fully functional in as little as 30 minutes. Does your IT provider provide the same level of commitment?

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